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Media Contact Information for Nonsuch Folk Club 

Location Address:         Bishops Waltham Social Club, Bishops Waltham, SO32 1AR

(Important!! - Please do not email or post directly to the Bishops Waltham Social Club.)

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    Email Address:              
 All phone enquiries to Lyn :                  01730 858953               

or contact any of our regular members who attend many other local Folk Clubs in the area.

We also welcome visitors to the Club at any weekly Thursday meeting without any prior notice.

The Bishops Waltham Social Club is regulated by rules covering private social clubs.  Please don't be discouraged

by the ' members only ' notice on the door, Nonsuch folk club have special dispensation to welcome

any guests or visitors. Just ring the bell at the door and you will be admitted.

                                                                                                                                                    Diary 2020   Next Guest Event   Coming Soon