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                                                                          Thursday    27 February,    2020

We are pleased to introduce our new ‘Double Deal’ evenings.


                                                   Peter Atkins                                                        David Phillips

These sessions are aimed at offering our own members a chance to step into the spotlight in a ‘professional’ capacity.   
Each performer will be asked to perform for half an hour.


Peter Atkins is a singer/songwriter who has been on the local folk scene for over 40 years. 

He accompanies himself with a guitar but is equally at home singing unaccompanied.  Expect a dry sense of humour!  

                              Peter will perform during the first half of the evening.

David Phillips chooses his material by two criteria; firstly does he like it? Secondly can he play it? 

A lot of stuff gets over the first hurdle but not the second!  Despite this he somehow manages to scrape together

enough English folk, Americana and interpretations of classic pop songs to perform at various local folk clubs,

                                 festivals and pubs and even gets asked back again!

They’re all there: traditional and contemporary; melody and harmony, passion and rhythm - if only he could

                                                            remember where he put them! 

                                  David will perform during the second half of the evening.